Foundation History

The Gambrell Foundation was created in 1988. Our primary focus is to help bridge the gap of inequities in society, wherever they may exist. In 2015, the asset size of the foundation grew substantially, as did the requirements for leading a philanthropic organization of this size and scale.

Access to additional resources required us to ensure that the foundation is well positioned for the future. We took steps to focus our strategy and support systems to enable greater impact. Our expectations for investments in the community have also changed and risen.

The foundation supports a range of important causes and does not accept unsolicited grant requests. We rely on a network of community leaders and volunteers for ideas that can have a long-lasting impact on our city and region.

Belk Family

Belk Family in front of Belk House

Sarah Belk Gambrell speaking at Belk Manager's Meeting

Belk Manager's Meeting

Charles Gambrell

Charles Gambrell

Charles Gambrell

Charlotte's First Belk Store, Downtown

First Belk Store, Monroe, NC

Gambrell Brothers

Gambrell Family

Charles and Sarah Belk Gambrell Wedding

Mary Irwin Belk

Sally and Aunt Mary Gambrell, 1969

Sally at Gambrell Family Dinner

Sally Debutante

Sally, New York City

Sally with historical marker

Sally, Dad, and Aunt Mary Gambrell

Charles, Sarah, and Sally Gambrell

Belk Home, Charlotte, NC

Gambrell Family, 1956

3 Generations: Mary Irwin Belk, Sarah Belk Gambrell, Sally Gambrell

William Henry Belk

Young Sarah Belk

Charlotte, NC