THE WALLS OF SALLY GAMBRELL BRIDGFORD’S OFFICE are lined with dry-erase boards that are covered with notes, articles and quotes. Some are humorous, others inspiring, hanging passively in the background, large enough to read but not overwhelm. There’s no obvious pattern to the distribution of the various thoughts, but they work together in harmony to provide balance and inspiration and motivation for the office’s chief occupant.

Gambrell Bridgford is a business person and an artist and a yogi and a philanthropist, to name four things. She is also a mother and a daughter and a student and an artist and a sexual assault survivor. Like the walls of her office, the tapestry of her life is woven from various elements that might not seem to have an obvious pattern but that work together in harmony to provide balance and inspiration and motivation.

As president of The Gambrell Foundation – a Charlotte-based philanthropic institution launched by her mother in 1988 – Sally is using that harmony to steer her organization toward addressing some of Charlotte’s most pressing societal needs. Recently she and The Gambrell Foundation partnered with Foundation For The Carolinas to fund projects that foster economic opportunity, upward mobility and social capital, particularly for those at the bottom of Charlotte’s economic ladder.

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